Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ilocos Sur: Pagsanaan beach

Just few minutes away from Magsingal's public market lies their pride -- Magsingal's Pagsanaan. Although it's not as breathtaking as the fame Philippine beaches, it still is something to look forward to in case you want a short ride and an affordable place. Since Magsingal is small town (not saying this with conviction), one can stroll around it without worrying of lacking the time. It's pretty obvious reality though, that this town is no popular to you, or to many, but Magsingal has beauty which will surprise you. It has three beaches namely Bantay Boneng, Pagsanaan, and Miramar; and I've come across a site saying there's also a batis or a stream in the town. Surely, these are the benefit of being an island country, and the benefit of being near South China Sea. Two of which I've seen: Pagsanaan and Bantay Boneng. Now I'll bombard you with photos I took.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Magsingal, Ilocos Sur

Since my cousins celebrated their Thanksgiving in Magsingal, I grabbed the chance of taking photos of my Father's hometown. Back in Manila, I've already "arranged" my itinerary for the coming days in Ilocos (I planned to stay longer than 3 days) so I  can go over the town more and do a little history taking. Unluckily, my family didn't allow me to stay so I'll just give credits to Google for taking over what I should have known there.

Magsingal gets its word from an Ilocano term Managsinggal, which surprisingly, means "wanderer". The term was a nature of Itnegs or Tingguians, who migrated in the place some time 200 to 300 years before Spanish Era. In time, it underwent some changes, thus the current name is. Source: IlocandiaRealtor 
However, according to Wikipedia, the municipality's name was originated from Mayisingal an Ilocano term as well, which means "to be moved". Whichever of the two is the real one, I get that feeling that these two words imply the same.
Magsingal Town Hall

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bantay Belfry and St. Augustine Parish Church

My childhood summer(s) were always almost revolves in Magsingal; Vigan; or Santo Domingo, Ilocos Sur. Why not just in one area? The perks of having a family scattered in one province. Since this post is about Bantay's Church, which is a town adjacent to Vigan, the church should not be new to me. It was.

When I said I spent my summer in Ilocos, particuarly in Vigan, I meant it to be long vacations. The longest I could stay was weeks to a month and a half. Basically, I spent my almost entire (2 months) of elementary and high school vacation there. I can even ditch having Christmas and New Year's Eve with my family in Manila for my relatives in Ilocos. But this only happened twice if my memory serves me right. Perhaps that's how I learned to speak their languange despite someone teaching me, despite not being 
brought up there. 

So okay, have I seen this Bantay's tower then? Not yet. I've just noticed it in my late HS or early college days. Maybe because we, my cousins, only stroll around the premise of Vigan. Or maybe because I was not so into with historical landmarks yet then. More so, I am happy to say finally.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Our Lady of Manaoag

The first and last time I've been to Manaoag was five years ago. The visit was brief I can hardly remember what I did then, how the vicinity looks like. I only remember two spots. The front of the church, where the Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag is (uh-oh, isn't is everywhere?) and the bench where my family smiled for a photograph. This second visit should have been more
detailed, unfortunately, it's not.

Could have taken more considerable photos, but I didn't notice that I'm on totally manual which means the dial is in manual mode and lens is also in manual focus. For someone who is just learning and without tripod for support, I find totally manual, challenging. 

Friday, September 07, 2012

A Cat Mother's Love

Mingming or Muning, a usual name for cats, is also the way we call ours -- the neighborhood's cat. How come she doesn't have an owner? That I am not sure. All I know is she roams around in 3-5 houses in search of food, but usually stays in 3 of those houses. That in saying, she is a usual native cat

She is what made me realize animals, cats or dogs for instance, are like human beings in ways. Like her, you cannot be friends or you cannot make a person comfortable with you unless you "tame" him/her or "kukunin mo ang kanyang loob". Similar to our economically challenged Kababayans, stray cats, also beg for survival, sometimes even battle with humans for a cramped amount of food. They, too, received discrimination -- being kicked or being beaten, some days with valid reasons, other times just simply they are what they are. Muning, despite that small quantity of food she have, still gives it to her kittens given that they all struggle for growth. But what amazed me most, is this creature affection beyond Mother's love. She adopted and gave milk to two kittens which are not hers. Who knows a person who do that? An economically challenged to be exact. Seldom, I guess.

Something from Kapatid

Yehes! My camera was back (2 weeks already). It's been away from me for 3 months and a half, and I only, surprisingly, used it for less than a month. To those meetings (me as my Uncle's sidekick) and to my super friends, Bes and Jhersey (our getaway), and to our cats: Thank you! I learned and appreciate photography. Lastly, it (cam) being away from me made me research more about its secrets. Surely, I need a lot of learning and experience to complement this inclination I'm getting into. 

Yeah, yeah, so as those stuff I just received. Happy especially with the camera bag. I've been eying lately an all weather one that's not too bulky. This he gave is perfect. :)))

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sec. Robredo, the Face of Genuine Politician

Taken from Definitely Filipino FB fan page
It was eleven days already (Saturday) when news about Masbate plane crash broke. I found this when former Senator Dick Gordon tweeted asking prayers for the safety of our DILG Secretary. Since then-Sen. Gordon's tweets were also posted on his Facebook fan page, I read comments on his same post. I saw people giving their prayers and others saying their disappointments on possibilities that might happen for our good public servant, as they said. I would be honest that I knew not how our secretary look like then. I still have to google and after I did, my frustration surfaced in shame of not knowing some of our Cabinets.

Anyhow, let's shoo away my "innocence." After which I read people's remarks about Sec. Robredo, I prayed for his safety and the two pilots. Sunday came, and no news about them being found.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

City Hunter

Should you want to watch other Kdramas and this City Hunter, go to this: KimchiDrama.
Just last month I've been addicted watching Korean movies, and these guys do have a taste and a say in comes of romance.  Yeah, I'm quite a fan of these sorts. For me, their works are "little overrated", but real good ones.

Anyhow, I thought of watching Korean drama (Kdrama) even it would mean longer hours of sitting. City Hunter was just my fourth time to watch foreign Asian episodic/serial. First was way back Summer of 2002: Meteor Garden. Actors were Taiwanese. I was really into this one! Well, most Filipinos since it was aired in Philippines.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wrong Turn 1

I am not such a sucker of horror or thriller films, but I watch a few if someone enticed me to, or if my mood aks for it. Blame it the other day. With the rainy weather (just a while ago), I found myself searching for a different movie genre.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Go Baguio in One Day

When a friend of yours told you he/she had a vacation in Baguio, it would not leave you so interested curious.

Baguio has earned the most visited parts in the country thus named as Summer capital of the Philippines. One can opt to spend a day or two or some more days here to escape the busy city, especially when sun is at its best. Since it's a city on top of the mountain, its environment teem with cool set of air; its pine trees play a major factor to it.

Baguio for me is like a walk in the park. You can find most of its tourist spots in one full day. Or if it's possible with your time, you can stroll around in two days and have better a grasp of it.

Excuse me for overwhelming you with photos. Anyhow, these were sites where you can wander for few minutes and head right after to your next agenda.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scary Night in Baguio

You'll know you're in Baguio when you get stuck in traffic.
Baguio is 6-7 hours away from Sagada, likewise going from Manila to Banaue, the road is steep, but the reward your eyes get is amazing.

The difference I've noticed between Mountain Province (Manila to Sagada) and Cordillera (Sagada to Baguio) was that the latter have more towns, or so I thought.

It rained midway our destination. If you seldom go to such areas (just like yours truly), raining in a cliff area with fogs elsewhere would be a fright. But somehow I was over with my oh-not-again moments. The perks of laughing with your friends and being on the second row of a mini bus do.

Baguio welcomed us with small drops of rain at past 3 o'clock pm. Kuya Mike needed to be back in Manila on that day, so it's the three of us again. With the aimless people walking around, with no maps nor people/number to contact to, with the city in front of us, we found ourselves hitting for another adventure.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Farewell, King of Comedy

Photo courtesy of Definitely Filipino
Just like the others, I do not know Dolphy personally, neither had I met him. I am not sure if I am a fan, but I grew up watching Home Along Da Riles and sorts of his movies. 

"Umuuga, lumilindol! Kumapit ka, kumapit ka kung ayaw mong magkabukol!"

Yesterday I watched two of his hundred movies:

Home Along Da Riles and Home Along Da Riber. He portrays everyman in almost all of his roles and leave values at the end of the show. Perhaps that's the way "Pinilakang Tabing" goes before, but how he delivers makes him unique. His antics and his being spontaneous maybe are only some of the reasons why he was named as King of Comedy.